1. Love the analysis. No wonder you do so well. You seem strong in fundamentals, technical analysis, trading conservatively to protect capital, discipline, — gosh, everything I hear it takes to be successful. The complete package. Plus you teach and share your knowledge. That’s amazing. I like looking at all the pairs you work with, your demos of how to trade. It is nice to hear your backstory too–how you came to trade, your journey. Thanks for being you. As an aside, how do I get help with loading the templates? I downloaded the files, and imported to the software, but can;t open the files. Perhaps my computer doesn’t have the ability to open tpl files. Not sure what;s going on. Does Bootcamp have someone I can talk to? Thanks Wayne!

  2. Great watching your forex analysis. Mr Wayne. Your courses on fxbootcamp do they teach about entry points etc… I want to take one of your courses.

  3. if want to learn patience, if want to know how to be conservative trader, if you want to enhance your trading techniques i will recommend u come on board because this legend is friendly, jovial and down to earth to answer your questions. Sir Wayne Love your Help. Thanks

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