1. Bless you! πŸ™ The young folks listening to this may not appreciate what important knowledge
    you are putting forth for free! Years ago I spent over 10K for courses that amounted to nothing.
    As you said, only those offering the courses made money.

  2. I really enjoyed the "HUMP" of Fundamental Analysis ! LOL. I enjoyed climbing the HUMP and getting over it ! Fantastic level of info in this video that I never got when I spent $6K on courses prior ! Absolutely AAA+

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  4. Hey Fadie ! This is excellent, very in depth teachings, we truly appreciate this, I can already tell this is gonna make me a beast once I fully digest this information and apply it.

    I am a lil confused at around 45:58 when you're discussing Monetary Policy, my understanding is that when interests rates go up its generally a sign that The Central Bank is halting rapid economic growth, thus the price of that currency will more than likely lose a bit of value, so that it doesn't get to expensive for other nation to do business with them. So my question is, if the interest rates are spiking why would that attract more foreign assets from other countries will lower interest rates ? How does that benefit these foreign nations? & how does it effect that nation & the foreign nations as far as price? My thinking is, if your interests rates are spiking why would I do business with you lol ?

    Hope my question makes sense, and thanks again, much love.

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  7. Thank You for giving us free lessons on forex iam tired of being broke I will watch later on today and I also listen to your Iam affirmations can't wait to generate money…

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