1. The idea in trading is to catch the breakout with technical analysis. In general, we aim to catch bullish runs as price breaks the high, or bearish moves as the market breaks the low of the market.The basic way to trade these is to wait for a breakout from the indecision when you use strategy like IQD Momentum strategy technique on the candle represents. We do this by catching price as it breaks above. (buy) or below the candle range (sell). With lQD momentum strategy system, there are also some more advanced tactics where we wait for a break of one end of the trend line, but only take action if it fakes out, reverses, and breaks the other end instead. If you want to learn my price action trading method, i refer you to (Lukasz Wilhelm) to teach you and have a course in an ebook format that covers all my price action trading strategies and tactics.

  2. Rayner, I am still a fan of yours, but this video and your last video are not of the quality your previous videos were. Sorry to say, but thatΒ΄s it. I learned a big deal from your videos, but please, dont look for the quantity of your videos, look for the quality. You made videos and Guides of high quality – stick to that kind.

  3. @Rayner You clearly state that some people in orde to get higher returns try to take higher risk or change strategies, in order to get better returns… which clearly won't work. What about running multiple strategies at once? Won't be easy indeed, but you should get higher returns as you will have more trades, or am I missing something…?

  4. Hi Rayner, your videos are awesome. May you do a video on which Forex broker is good for beginners and trustable? There are some FX brokers like XM, IC market, ProFx … etc but which is good for beginner and why? Also could include in the video like how much money should we start with and how the money can be deposit and withdraw.

    Would greatly appreciate it.

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