1. Hello Karen.. I love this tips.. As i a beginner i thought too much it.. Love the no. 1..less trade gain more.. As i trade you sterday.. I trade on one pair only and gain from the one pair only.. Only place one position and let it be run till the end the day and get the return..

  2. i'm working on cutting losses early these days. instead of hitting 1R loss, i cut loss around 0.6R, 0.7R. which feels nice…but i'm not hitting 1R/2R TP which feels bad. πŸ˜€

  3. Honestly, if the consistency of FX and stock market shows stability, quiting from present tedious and risky job but the pay off is satisfactory is near to realization but in my 8 mos. in trading I think the brilliant decision to take first is to beef up emergency fund and reserve enough capital as buffer for any untoward scenarios may encounter in the future to counter variable market trends.

  4. Momentarily I temporarily let my orders run waiting sluggish fx market to active again, I shifted to engage daily trading on local stocks at least I gradually take profits on some Penny stocks using some of your tips that really help me a lot to find potential stock to move in favor to me. Thanks I am one of your avid followers…. Kudos!!

  5. Karen what do you mean Risk Adjust Returns? And yes indeed i always ask myself… is the risk worth it πŸ™‚ I am a Scalper and LongTerm trader but i don't trade more than 10 times in a day. Sometimes its 1 trade or 2 trades in a day. Maximum i have reached in scalping is 10 trades. But its rare haha… its a like a Lunar Eclipse.

  6. Karen Foo, Happy Valentine's day pal. Remember last years message? Those songs on those links I wrote you were r&b and jazz. I like techno too. In fact I like all kinds of music. My culture traditional music you know the "dancing around the fire kind of music" always sounds better live, because of low baratone and high sopriano singers." Today I was invited to a squa its basically our version of church. I really need prayers to heal better. Having two casts sucks. I'm just happy I walk away from that bad car crash. This will take awhile. But the best tip I can give is

    "if your afraid of losing, you already lost."

    Love you've conquered all those bad feelings of lost. How do I? Because you are still here. You are still the big cat in the jungle. As we are all still kittens trying to learn the kill skills of this market you've mastered like a boss. I remember reading the psychology of assassins. Those guys or girls have a skill that never stays in one place at all. But that same set of skills is a lot like the trader's skill set. For the bodyguard it's a lot in that realm as well. Because the lost of money, lost of life and taking a life is all risking that we just love for some strange reason. We love the thought of risk and the idea of lost. Can you believe that? We hope we don't lose when we start out. But it's the thrill of risk we subconsciously love. I was blown away when I realized this about myself. And so do you. I've been reading a lot trying block out flashbacks if that bad car crash because my co-worker didn't make it. Please don't give up pal. If you give up its 100% completely understandable. But a lot more people will give up too.

  7. I think one of the most important things is consistency. Same risk for every trade, only taking a trade when the risk that you always use is appropriate. Same strategy. I think the more consistent you are the better the chance that the overall statistics will play out. When you start changing and tweaking the variables, it messes up your stats. Best thing is to test your strategy first so you have an idea if it will work long term and then log everything.

  8. Hi Karen, what are you doing this weekend? The best advice I can give is once you are in a trade, set your stop loss and take profit, and don’t look at your trade again for 24 hours.

  9. Risk Management is very important but on the other hand Emotion control is the root of trading success,
    We have to master how we react to things not in our favor and accept the consequences which are not expected.

  10. Thank you for this beautiful video. Frankly in the past things were not clear with me I mean what to show and what to learn, but with the follow-up in YouTube and found that there are many concepts I have changed about the circulation of the foreign exchange market thank you all β™₯ for these tips.
    You are a wonderful person Karen.

  11. I stopped searching for the perfect set up and I’m currently focusing on discipline, that’s is not an easy task.
    I also aim for how much I can lose and not how much I can gain. Small losses and big wins is my goal.
    I’m still on demo account, been training for almost 6 months. I will swift when I’d able to be super confident on my strategy.
    Thank you Karen , you are helping me more than you can imagine. πŸ’œπŸ’™

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