1. Wanna ask a question Justin.

    What if the next zone for Take profit doesn't give a 3R probably 1.5R TP or 2R TP…
    Would you still take the trade???

    Because most of my Take profit aren't giving up to 3R.

  2. Thanks Justin, thats an awsome lessons. I want to ask some question about the last part. Pyramiding your profit, should we move the stop loss from our first entry to the same level as the second entry stop loss?

  3. I can only say thank you for sharing your knowledge with us here. I just stumbled on your channel recently and I've improved just by watching these videos and practicing. I hope to register for your course as soon as I can.

  4. Hi, Justin, I am paying £8.99 monthly but why I am unable to watch your video and saying to join again, last payment was taken on 26th March, Hope to hear from you soon. Many Thanks

  5. Great lecture. A couple of years ago I wanted to start out in forex but at that time it was not my cup of tea and went to the stock market which was a great succes. 5 years later with a little bit more knowhow I'm back to forex and this time It's more understandable because of these easy videos. Keep up the good work! 💪😉

  6. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Easily understandable, simple and effective.. Thanks mate. This is a breath of fresh air after so many useless videos on trading!

  7. Maybe this could be a suitable place to ask. Why is forex so looked down upon? All I hear talking about now is futures, futures, futures. There is an obvious reason I want to trade forex. It is open 24 hours and the weekend is off. Suits me very well.

    Nice video by the way.

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