1. Thank you very much!!!! I was having such a hard time figuring out how to spot signals on different TimeFrames! The doubt was just like your situation. 1h says bearish, 4 and Daily says bulish. But now I can spot that lagging span on other timeframes. Its an example there may be more but i was really looking for a clue reveal on this. Thank you sir, subscribed

  2. Hey, I have One question, does rules number 2 and number 3 have the same meaning based on your explanation?
    (Ur eyplanz : If Conversion line is above base line, the cloud will be green and the opposite is true )

  3. Thank you….I just watched 5 other Ichimoku videos that were crap – a waste of time – your video was concise and explained exactly what Ichimoku is, does, what the cloud is for, and exactly HOW to trade – You're a lifesaver!! Thank you so much.

  4. To know in depth about this indicator go and take a look on a japaneese guy who masters this technique, his channel is called: japaneese forex trader kei. He translated and mastered the origin book.

  5. Thanks a million! Its fantastic! But, i have a question. If for example, in 4h timeframe all of the conditions met and in 1d time frame all of the conditions NOT met, what decision can be made? Is it profitable enter the trade according to 4h chart or is it more logical to abandon the trade because of 1d chart??

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