1. Why professional trader just trade just 1-2trades a day and not 10-20trades a day, because I have heard the more trades you take the faster your edge play it's role, and to let edge play it's role then we must have 100trade sample..
    This thinking keeps running on my mind and I end up overtrading and paying huge taxes, please help with the right approach?

  2. you can use both buy and sell in uptrend and downtrend 1min graph if you know the right technique….and you can also avoid loss each time… you have to be hit the close even if you see small profit.. don't get greedy, take the profit coz u will get more tries that way..

  3. Watched some of your content and really liked it, this….. all potato’s, no meat.

    1 minute scalping is soooo many small nuisances that can be difficult to describe.. as Alfonso said, show live. Maybe use multi TF analysis. Asked off O/C of CS.

  4. someone on facebook said if I give her $80 she will give me $800 in ten minuets using Forex. She is scamming me right? Please help I know nothing about this but I want to learn. I also dont want to lose the $80 I am short on rent and need to make cash quick. I am not dumb I just dont know much on this subject. Thank you

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  6. Thanks for the video. For quick scalping on a fast market, I personally prefer looking at tick charts for entry (I like 50 and 80 ticks, sometimes 15 ticks on NFP etc.)

  7. Interesting stuff, like all strategies though, it's all about the exit…….where do you exit? Top of the channel next overbought/oversold signal? Let it run till it breaks the trend line?

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