1. The fact here is: this video really blew my mind. It showed clearly to me what technical analysis means and how to technically analyze the market with high probability. Thanks once again. I have watched this video many times without number.

  2. Hello once again. I recently ask to produce video on drawdowns, and you asked the for the it. I just want to know its meaning and its purpose in the forex market, as a new trader. Thanks.

  3. What a great video, buddy. I love it. Your video boosted my morale, and lo and behold I am really standing on my feet to conquer the market with high confidence. You teach like we are in class face-to-face. Thank so much. You make Supply and Demand more clear to me than ever before. How I wish I had come across this a long time a go.

  4. Great insight into Forex. Frankly, your video has really gone a long way with getting me back on my feet to win this time around. My loss I will treat as my support areas and my wins will be resistance areas. I can slowly learn and be ready to trade a third time.

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