1. BB quite useless on its own. But combine it with other tool/indi, you can create an absolute money machine trading system. Its the most accurate TA trend leading indicator there is

  2. Mostly i prefer trading bollinger bands and Rsi indicator pair on a long positions because that way you make more profits. All thanks to Nicolebfxtrades Gma!l C0M who guided me and actually thought me most of the strategies i use on Iq today.

  3. Hey! Very good video, just have a question: When the market is trending for example downtrend, you said not to buy at the lower band , instead sell at the upper. But what if the price never reach the upper band? Is it a good idea to actually go short when the price is at the lower band in a downtrend? Or i should not enter the market in this case? Thank you!

  4. How could one confirm the direction of the breakout regarding Bollinger Bands, whether it would follow a uptrend or downtrend as there may be a false breakout? By the way very informative channel.

  5. Excellent Videos and wonderful explanations – Mind telling what s0ftware your using to shoot these gorgeous high-quality videos? Best I've seen!

  6. “Investor Trading Academy” YouTube channel has possibly ripped off your content and never mentioned your channel or name. Check their channel out, the video was just published on Feb 21st.

  7. Is it computationally expensive to estimate the parameters in this manner for models with many independent variables or very large datasets? Is that the reason why Analysis signal hedging strategies are sometimes employed instead? well i have heard alot of good reviews about the BB indicator being more profitable with the ASH strategy by aleksandrov

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