1. THAAAAANKS A LOT, MAN!!!!!! Been looking for days to try to understand what the hack a buildup was. And just in a sec you briliantly made It clear. Thanks again

  2. Is there a method to enter a trade when it breaks out and moves very rapidly like in a matter of minutes? I have seen multiple occassions when such a movement happens and in 3-4 minutes it rises by 5-10% and I sit and cry that I couldnt catch it. In the past when I have tried entering such movements I ended up with SL getting hit because it retraces by 2% (my stoploss) within seconds.

  3. I'm thinking if I could combine the knowledge I got from your videos of bollinger bands, 50 period MA, and one line Stochastic, price action, and apply it to trade breakouts I would become more and more successful. Thank you very much sir. I'll give you feedback by a reply on this comment.

  4. thanks Rayner. What about consolidation above support? Is this a signal that price could go below support?

  5. Hey Rayner, your videos are awesome…..precise to the point and no BS like so many other videos. The more I see your videos, I'm going super excited to test the waters… making me a lot confident now (I'm applying your strategies in Cryptotrading though and not in Stocks / Forex) very very userful … Thank you Bro !!!

  6. Again very good lesson to learn. Keep providing good knowledge. I have been in stock market since mid 2017. In 2 years journey i lost 50% of my capital. But by loosing something i am gaining some good knowledge also. I will contact you personally soon via email. Many thanks to Rayner Teo.

  7. Hey Raynard i am learning a lot from your videos. your style of teaching is very precise and to the point. To make your videos a little more entertaining try saying the F…. word now and then. The people respond very positively to that.

  8. Do you do anything with futures like heating oil? There are a lot of stop hunts on break outs in commodity futures and those are the toughest to deal with!!!

  9. what should we do when a stock is opened gapup or gapdown, as MA lines lies below or above the price at a huge distance? some times profitable trades are missed due to the above situation. #intraday

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