1. I’ve recently started some small scale trading, I don’t have the time to constantly monitor oil news updates and keep an aye on my trading platform. What do other traders follow or use to keep up to date with oil news? Is there a decent app out there? Or some well regarded forums? Certain twitter accounts? Cheers

  2. OMG, Love these people that call themselves "traders", yet they need lagging indicators to help them trade. What about good old price action and fundamentals ? RSI tells you its over bought, so you going to sell i then? And what if it keeps going up for a week? What will RSI tell you then? It sure as shit will not tell you its over bought!! I know I know, "you use this with this one also" Get a grip dude!! Noobs use indicators.

  3. Can you explain the rationale in keeping open those tanker shorts when they've fallen so far already, are highly oversold and just came out with massive earnings and forecasts? Especially if you think oil is going to crash again.

  4. its look like doubel top on the WTI crude oil and Brent oil, i hope WTI could get back to 20, i think i miss your update and did not invest it yet… oh no…haha…but thank you, always.

  5. I bought a few shares of BNO (US. Brent Oil) when it was $6. I'm holding this long term and will be prosperous in the near future. I hope there are more positive news soon.

  6. Who else thinks Whiting Petroleum could be a good investment, but has still been reluctant to jump in for fear there could be a second wave of COVID-19 and they could shutdown the economy again?

  7. Great content as usual David, but I'm just confused about the direction of crude rn in terms of the logic. Last month we saw saw prices dip negative at expiration of wti and so far we havent yet seen demand come close to meeting supply even with the recent cuts. How on earth then could the storage problem be eased even if the inventory rises aren't as high as expected?

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