1. yes even i think,when i see red sell, it will go down, green buy, it will go up, than i found out, we cannot predict that candles colors easily by what we think in mind about that.

  2. Probably not practical as far as processing power but it would be interesting to see a three dimensional candle chart with volume as the third dimension

  3. Hi Rayner, thank you for your well-explained educational video! I've learnt a few important things about candlestick charts today, and will watch the video again to take in more information.

  4. Hey Rayner,

    Awesome clip, Thanks 🙏 for this teaching, I have mostly thought about trading analysis/ candlesticks patterns in this direction and am delighted to listen to your video.

  5. Very good teaching sir i like and i love your teaching sir i have one doubt about entry if i take trade or entry according to the daily time frame its give results same day means hits the target or have to hold more

  6. Finally gaining confidence with your videos in fx trading again, God bless you Teo…looking forward to more of your videos….have watched half of your videos already in a space of weeks.

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