1. Before for the past years I encountered heavy losses but hard work pays off truly you have to keep on learning until such time you will be triumphant on your objectives

  2. You mentioned to be cautious on the 5th wave of the trend. What do you mean by that? How many waves of a trend are there? Just wondering if you have a video on trend waves?

  3. hi! slight issue with the free rubberband trade video, in that after i fill in the email part it then wants my credit card information, you did say its free, right?

  4. You're the best, man! CCI is the ONLY indicator that worked for me. I've been using it for several days now and the results are spectacular. I came here to learn more about the CCI because it's an indicator I really like. Trust me guys this is a leading indicator instead of a lagging one and If you combine it with the ASH STRATEGY by aleksandrov boom, You're 100% profitable. Mate you should google about alefsandrov’s strategy, It can make almost any confirmation indicator way less noisy and more accurate. A damn near perfect compromise between responsiveness and noise levels.

  5. Really appreciate your excellent work. I am slightly confused on one thing when we see cci curve leaning downwards slowly it is a weak down trend and if it goes up quickly then we consider it as strong trend … is this true please… thanks

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