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  2. You're the best, man! At least I followed you.
    CCI is the ONLY strategy that worked for me. I've been several days using it and the results are spectacular. I came here to learn more about the CCI because it's an indicator I really like. This is a leading indicator instead of a lagging one.
    If you combine it with some other strategies, boom. You're profitable.

  3. I love your channel most of the time but I've been trading CCI (30) successfully for two years now and I can tell you with 88% certainty (that is my winning average with this strategy) that 100 is NOT oversold and +100 is NOT overbought 🙂 in fact it is signifying strength in that direction … I don't call the top or bottom until the cci is coming back from the +/ 200's and even then I need some major confluence to pull the trigger … but good try though. .. with the MAs you can definitely use 100 levels as pull back entries in the direction of the trend that works 🙂

  4. cci is not over bought sold indicator.
    It's a strength market movement indicator so it can show you the strength of a trend.
    Between +100 to -100 it's a normal movement. Above 100 and below -100 it show trend strength.

  5. As a follow up to my last comment – I've been using this strategy live for one month now on USD/JPY, USD/CAD and EUR/JPY, so I have some 'real world' stats. The results from my back tests from September to the end of December were good, although there was a dire period from late Sept to early Oct on USD/JPY, when it performed very badly with a long string of losing trades. In the back tests USD/CAD was the best performer making 564 pips over the four months. USD/JPY made 307 pips and EUR/JPY made 370 pips. In live trading however, throughout January USD/CAD was the worst performer, making a loss of 89 pips. USD/JPY made a profit of 66 pips and EUR/JPY made a profit of 30 pips. So, I'm a bit disappointed but one month isn't really long enough to tell if this strategy is a good one. Given the results from the back tests and the fact that USD/JPY and EUR/JPY have both been profitable, I think USD/CAD has just been going thorough a bad patch. I'll continue to use it a bit longer and see what happens.

  6. I've found this strategy to be pretty good. I've back tested it back to August on a few currency pairs on the M15 time frame. It seems fairly reliable on some pairs but not others. On the good ones I was getting about 55% to 45% win to loss ratio. I was using a risk to reward ratio of 1:2, so that's not bad.
    The best ones turned out to be USD/JPY, USD/CAD and EUR/JPY. The worst was EUR/USD surprisingly, which went through some long bad patches. I expect it is good on may different pairs but i have only tested a few.
    I started using a change of inflection of the CCI after it had closed beyond the 100 level as my entry but I found a lot of the signals to be false. I decided to add an SMI indicator (stochastic momentum index) set to 4,4,4,4 to use as an entry trigger, as it's a bit smoother than the CCI and gives a fairly accurate entry. The CCI still had to close beyond the 100 level to be a valid trade though. Once that had occurred I waited until the SMI had turned up (or down depending on the direction of the trade). This still isn't perfect but it filters out a few dodgy trades.
    I also added an ATR(10) which I used to set stops and targets. My stops were 1.5x ATR and the targets 3x ATR.
    The jury's still out really until I've spent a few months trading it live but I've done a week so far and it's been good.

  7. sir please i asked on your other videos also where will be my stop loss and where ever i do trades like this its contiues trends on same direction and i did not take any profit please please answer my question thanks

  8. 6:47, no way is that a profitable entry, you'd get stopped out by that long wick and there's no re-entry. Unless you put your stop at the prior low, but that's a long way down

  9. Your first USDJPY example was a beautiful setup, but that huge movement on Nov 9th 2016 was immense. It moved about 130 pips past the low of the reversal candle. If you were looking for big moves (as this was; ~1400 pips) it could have been justified to put it at the nearest local support (somewhere around 99.5 – 100.3 on the chart) – but otherwise if not looking for massive moves, the stop would be somewhere close to the low of the reversal candle as you mentioned. This would have resulted in being stopped out 3-4 days later. I always enjoy these videos and good work with the camera placement! 🙂

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