1. Don't ever make the mistake of believing that success of the forex market will come to you fast, trade small, stay in the game, persist and eventually you will reach a satisfying level of proficiency

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  3. Hello do you do bitcoin trading also because im getting messages in instagram from you for the investment? If it's isn't you then someone is using your name and photos and scamming other.let me know if it's not you otherwise lots of people are going to be scammed.

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  5. hello Hannah
    there is a secret behind those patterns cuz sometimes you may find they tends to fail and actually they are real drawn and seen clearly, can you verify how do they fail??!
    i like u and i like your analysis as well am from Tanzania

  6. Hi Hannah, I came across your content while I was going through some recherche on forex trading and I got to say I love your content, I watched all your videos in one day. I haven't officially started trading but I could say I have made my first deposit this weekend. I'm a full-time student based in France and I would love to go through this journey with you and watch you reach your goals too.

  7. Awesome video, thanks! But I use mt5 platform cuz itโ€™s really more comfortable for me and, bthw, amarkets give me all opportunities to trade with profit exactly in mt5

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