1. Hello Secret Mindset 🙂
    im being following you quite long now. Really you helped me to build my mindset. Thank you from bottom of my heart.
    im watching your Renko strategys and realy like to try them. To use the renko chart there is certain settings and EA's we have to download.
    Can you please kindly make another video about how and where to download Renko chart & EA's, how to setup on MT4, and what historical chart data we have to download for renko chart?
    Honestly i will feel more safe to download renko chart if you recomend me any links.
    Not only me i believe mose of your subcribers we feel safe to listen to you. you always teaching us honest knowledge.

    Thank you again for helping us building our dreams 🙂

  2. Can you please tell me the platform that i can use for making my analysis using Renko charts?
    and Is this strategy applied to the intraday trading in penny stock? I mean that i will also use the 100 points for each bar?

  3. id say most people viewing renko charts do so after the fact. hopefully this question will be of benefit to others… as the Renko bars are being drawn in real time, do they still provide the same clear trend information? or is the data more noisy? i guess i will have to watch a somewhat volatile stock tomorrow and see for myself

  4. Thank you very interesting how do one sync OBV and Renko chart as my understanding is renko chart has only the price element and not time ? Please advise if my understanding is correct

  5. I knew renko didn't base on time, but it still different pic in 1m or 15m or another tf. Especially if used it on daily u will get boring day along with renko.

  6. Thanks a lot. Your way of explanation a strategy is simply superb. My doubt is whether the above scalping strategy with Renco Bars will gives same good results for Intraday trading too?

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