1. Good day Wayne; can you put a link here on where we can read about fundamentals on each of the majors on what they plan for the future and policies etc… So we can gauge from a fundamental perspective where the value of their currencies are heading…? Or in other words where do you read or get info about your fundamentals on all the majors etc… please post a link…?

  2. Sure Wayne, so your so-called "friends when you are not around" and "have your back" 'like' your webinar even before it's begun. A true friend tells you the truth. If your webinar is good I give it a thumbs up, if it isn't I give you a thumbs down. I am not giving you a thumbs up if you haven't started a webinar and if you make us wait 20mins to find out your are delaying the webinar an hour and then you don't even honour that. I am not a mind reader, I didn't know you have diabetes and I wish you good health. I won't lie to you and tell you your webinar is good at times it is not. Those 'sheople' who blindly give you a thumbs up before a webinar has begun are dishonest. They also have no sense of humour. Get over it and move on. I am here to learn and become a better trader and feel you have something to offer, not stroke your ego and worship you like you are a guru or like I am in a cult. So a true friend speak his truth like I have just done. Who else does that 4u? I won't be censored and have every right to speak my truth irrespective of it hurts your feelings or not. If you can't accept that then, that is your issue. Don't make it my issue. Be well.

  3. Hello Mr. McDonell. Thank you for showing up. I've heard that it is 1/2 of swing trading success. Today I was reminded that sticking to a Bias and waiting for a discount is Key. Have a good weekend.

  4. Wayne, you don't have to apologise for anything you go above and beyond everyday, have a great time with your family and get some sleep !!! and get well and look forward to Tuesday, Chin up my saaan, all the best from London

  5. I am sorry to hear about your health…I will actually pray for you to be okay and grow stronger! We fight until the death here! We are unstopabble! You will always have my greatest respect and loyalty…You litteraly are a blessing and you changed my life…I can't thank you enough. Every comment i leave is from my heart and i hope you feel them because i mean every single word… Stay healthy, be a BEAST as always and remember…you are a HERO! Thank you legend!

  6. Hey Wayne I actually lived through Necrotizing Pancreatitis wich was a miracle but I too have to deal with that d word and those blows are not fun sir thank God for OJ lol

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