1. If you're interested in Liberty for the book club, I'd recommend "The Ethics of Liberty" and "For A New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto". Both written by Murray Rothbard. Also, they're both downloadable for free in e-book and audiobook formats on the Mises Institute web site. My economics professor considered them both required reading.

  2. I love the caribbean plan! I told you that you are a HERO! I honestly feel so honored i met you. Looking forward to meeting you face to face someday. I gotta be honest. I wanna become the greatest hero in history. That made and pushed me through every bad thing that happened to me…I don't do it for a lambo, a big house and all that…I will have them for free. But having the power to save a actual LIFE with some pieces of paper called "money"…I will do that forever! Thank you legend. Told you are making history…i was right!

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