1. Hey love your teaching do you have anything on how to plan trade for us new people. I watch the for videos on fx boot camp but what are all these lines on this video. I want to learn how to plan a week in advance like you guys, that is awesome I have never used real money yet I am trying to learn with demo.

  2. On the daily time frame, the volume profile visible range shows that above $6,900, the $7,100 to $7,200 zone could present stiff resistance. For the short term, holding $6,600 as support then setting a higher high above $6,900 would be a positive step forward.Alternatively, if the Bitcoin price loses momentum, a pullback to retest underlying support at $6,400 (Bollinger Band moving average) and $6,300 is likely. If the event of a stronger correction, Bitcoin price has support at $6,200, $5,850 and $5,350.Over the coming hours, traders should keep an eye on the shorter time frame buy and sell volume to see if the price will either hold $6,600 or pullback from the upper Bollinger Band arm to retest $6,400 where the Bollinger Band moving average is.

    If the price drops below the 20-MA of the indicator then a retest of the $6,200 support which is slightly above the lower Bollinger Band arm. I have been able to grow my 0.8btc to a total of 6.9btc using Arthur Roghter's daily signals within 5 weeks of active trading, i still find this period very profitable and i advice anyone to also grow a very strong portfolio ahead of the next major bull market. I would advice everyone should make the best out of the market, Arthur Roghter can be reached via * Whatspp: +441163264893 and Telgram @ Arthur_Trader09* for inquiries into his signal and trading services.

  3. Best dependable forex video and very much understood sir indeed a numerous thank you to Mr Romero pieto who has indeed been behind my weekly profiting in Trading helping me to grow my Knowledge of investing making me earn more profit through his trading platform.

  4. FX volatility has been so high lately, I've been using daily pivots for planning and position entry. Daily pivots cover as much pip territory as weekly pivots did before Covid-19. And weekly pivot targets are now less likely to be reached, just as monthly targets were before this crisis.

  5. Thanks for spreading the positivity. At this time, the more the better! After we are all done with this situation, gotta have a WM Cigar summit to celebrate. Have a great day!

  6. You sayed yesterday that i leave a small poem on every video…Well from my perspective i feel bad for the fact that i can't do more for you sir…You helped and opened my eyes and that will never be forgoten๐Ÿ‘I hope you will remember me because i will make sure the world will remember you ๐Ÿ’ชโ˜

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