1. So I walked away from this mornings session in disbelief. We all are going thru the worst of times and this crank has to pee on your shoes? Really? I stand up an applaud you for handling that situation with the utmost professionalism. Of course that doesn't take away from the outstanding work and positivity that you create.

  2. Wayne creating his own reality. LOL! I love it! Thanks Wayne for singing, connecting the dots to so many things and talking it through.

  3. Have you ever seen a diamond? It is a very valuable thing that is hidden! Exactly like this Channel and Wayne! Only the 1% are wiling to do the work to mine for the diamonds. Only the 1% are willing to put in the work, watch webinars, read central banking policies and much more for forex. If you are an amateur and you read this…i don't care if i just reach one person…If you read this! Keep watching this webinars man! You only got things to win. And btw…that i mention it is free? And Wayne. If you read this…I only have respect and thank you's to offer you legend. Take good care!

  4. Its been a while since I wrote a comment but watching todays webinar, really liked the …'food for thought' of making less trades, less working hours, but going after a few good trades. thnx Wayne

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