1. Hello, I am new to Forex and really need more information, I have lost a lot of money on Forex recently and I see a lot of people earn from it. Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong.

  2. I kinda have an confusing time…But i will figure it out, just some techincal things. "The work will set you free!" – Wayne "The Legend" McDonell ! I need to stay focused on getting the money for the account and learning as much here also, trading where ever i am, Up 1000 pips on the Usd Pairs…U know getting going. Little steps to grateness. I hope ya'll are healthy, profitable and happy! Thank you so much legend! You change lives with these webinars and everything you do for us…Respect Forever.

  3. Good morning Mr. McDonell, Today I was challenged to think about how to manage my greatest strength/weakness going forwards. Thanks

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