1. I am on a path of a change and i will not back off from that. Winds of change guys! The economy it will do a reset and that means a lot of opportunities, even if it's hard at the beginning!

  2. Wayne you are not only a financial coach but also a personal coach, you describe the mental turmoil we all go through trying to be successful and be the trader we all want to be, outstanding webinar and a wake up call to change our own destiny

  3. Willing to put in the time effort and struggle, together with technical and fundamental analysis to work for my self and improve my trading and be as much as possible as my mentor, the perfect trader. having patience and discipline as I learn and study in this forex war. thank you Capt Wmcd!!!

  4. Message to myself: I will become part of the best traders in the world! I will leave a legacy behind through forex trading. I will do whatever it takes! see you soon future self!

  5. Thank you for the call-to-action Wayne!!!

    Today I am reminding myself that I am a Professional Currency “Profiteer” that uses various techniques to observe and maneuver the currency market. I use my analysis of global macroeconomics to formulate a “longterm” fundamental bias, I assess market conditions to determine whether or not the current market environment is in alignment with my bias, and I use technical analysis to confirm or deny my bias and to enter trades for profit with minimal risk.

    One of my main responsibilities as a Professional Currency Trader is to put myself in the best position available to maximize my profits and minimize my drawdown while the market is in action.

    In order to reach my goals I must eliminate all emotions from my trading. To achieve this I will use a very specific set of rules. As long as I follow my rules of engagement I will NEVER enter a "bad" trade (Bad being defined as a trade in which I break my rules.)

    I understand that losing is part of the business and I accept losses for what they are. Because I follow my rules with diligence, if I lose a trade, I know that it has nothing to do with my trading strategy or myself personally. (“60% of the time my strategy is right every time!”) As long as I continue to follow my rules and take every opportunity, I will end up being profitable.

    Lastly, I truly believe that I deserve to be successful. I have been involved in the Forex market since November 2015 when I invested in my first professional training course. With the support of Wayne, the online communities he has created or been a part of, combined with demo and live trading experience, hard work, unwavering discipline and dedication to the mastery of the skills required to achieve longterm consistent success as a Professional”Profiteer,” I feel that I will be successful and that I deserve to be.

    Why do I trade?
    I facilitate international trade because it is a way for me to achieve time freedom by way of financial freedom. I also have a genuine interest and passion for economics and investing and I wholeheartedly enjoy and embrace the entire process of transforming myself into the best professional currency trader I am capable of being. I believe that becoming a professional trader will be the first step through a door that will lead me to limitless opportunities. Once I have a proven track record of being consistently profitable while simultaneously exercising little to no risk, I will have the confidence and skills required to create a business educating others on how to follow my example and/or I will be directly involved in the creation of a financial institution that trades and manages other people's money. Seeing how it has been my lifelong goal to be an accredited investor and an entrepreneur, I see becoming a Professional Currency “Profiteer” as a way to do so while doing something I love at the same time. However, although I find pleasure in the process I MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT…


  6. I will Due better on controlling my emotions during my trading. Be discipline on planing and staying in my trades longer.

    Thanks Wayne Have a good weekend

  7. At 33:35 re: the swap-carry issue for a long term buy of oil, the obvious solution would be to hold that one with a non-swap broker such as Oanda. And thank you for your usual and now famous CP (Clarification Perspective) of these markets. I always learn something new and relevant.
    "So, you get daily CP from this guy?"
    "In fact I do, and you can too!"
    "Subscribe for free and spend part of your morning with Wayne."
    In other words folks, I recommend this channel. Yes I do…
    (Tune in weekdays at around 8am ET)

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  9. Trading Forex involves accepting losses and wins but most successful traders have recorded losses. Trading with just one Broker made me understand that Forex is genuinely a lucrative source of income.

  10. Thanks Wayne – Great Webinar ! I have many excuses why my trading is bad and they are just excuses. For the benefit of my family, I need to step up and focus on Forex. Joining the swing trading class by the end of 2020 is my goal. Hopefully the exchange rate will improve.

  11. I commit to myself that i'm going to do whatever it takes in order for me to become the trader im supposed to be and i've always wanted to be and kick ass for my family and loved ones….So Help me God!

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  13. I love when he gets to the part, "And then you die" LOL … wait, what? Oh, ok … "then your grandchildren's children" (1:39). Now that's planning! haha Love you, Wayne. Yes, I get it.

  14. Hello me. I need really to change myself. I need to get rid of bad habits and keep pushing forward. I want to provide good life to my family, so they dont have to worry.I want to become a successful thats why I need to work hard. There is always a next opportunity :)) God bless you Wayne, thanks.

  15. Ahh some just don't get it Wayne, that the lesson is in the stories. The charts well they tell another story altogether. You don't have to get all the pips, but get enough to make it worth the time you spend doing the analysis. Some are looking for signals some are looking for motivation, well you're actually inspiring them they just don't realize that's what's happening. Keep it pipping WMcD thnx for your time.

  16. Hello Mr. McDonell. Today I learn more about the benefits of (clink) Neuro-linguistic programming and subconscious programming. ( clink clink) After having an overall great week but still making a few emotional mistakes,… I will spend time this weekend in self reflection and creating my mental success routine to help reinforce the trader I want to be, no can be, no… am. Thanks coach!

  17. Hey Wayne thanks for your advice ! Iv been watching you for about a year now and I can honestly say your one of the best legit teachers on the internet in my opinion, iv been killing the yen pairs all month thanks !!

  18. I will continue to wake up early and do the work I suppose to do in order to become the trader I visualize. Thank you so much for you input, your energy and all the experience you are sharing with us.

    Thanks Wayne and Tradersway!

  19. Thank you Wayne, I owe 99% of my practical knowledge to you. But there has to be a better way than sticking to a bias and trading it like a Sherman Tank. I win big trading the bias, then give most of it back trading the same bias. Perhaps a more subtle approach by additionally looking at stock futures and treasury rates as an indication of the day's sentiment leading into London. Again, thank you.

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