1. Iv been trading FOREX for 2 years now, Finally at the point where im leaving my job as an engineer. Best advice I could give is DO NOT GO LIVE, Stick to your DEMO until you have a strategy which works. Have a long term mindset and compound your account. project it over a year or so and meet those daily goals. Greed will make or break you in this game, I wish everyone the BEST OF LUCK !!

  2. After two years of trading I have finally worked out how you make money from the forex market..(MAKE A YOUTUBE VIDEO) if people are so good at trading why are they bothering with youtube video???????

  3. Every broker has it’s own trading strategy and software that why when you invest without the assistance of a professional trader you will lose all your investments
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  4. Can someone please teach me how to to this I can’t learn like this I’m an hands on learner please I beg anyone to teach me or at least give try to help me

  5. watching this video has really cleared up alot of questions i had to ask it was very informative and i look forward to applying this knowledge when next i trade THANKS!!

  6. Thanks. Just started a trading course and finding it too much information on what’s going on in the world and was thinking was all this information necessary. Obviously it isn’t!

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  8. Thank you very much for this.
    Am just beginning forex and this is my first video on it and I must say that the explaination and break down of it all was extremely welcoming to digest again Thank you.

  9. Can someone explain to me the last bit of the interview please (talking about taking profits from passive into high risk strategy) Did not overstand it, please help? 😊

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  13. Quite a useful clip I must confess.
    Some forex traders may be impulsive too just because they lack experience. You can’t expect to stick with a trading plan when you don’t know what the heck you’re doing. If you’re new to forex, you’ll lack confidence and feel uneasy.

  14. Great video, nice to see you Jason graystone. it was a nice occasion having you on an interview show with Ryan. beginners has alot of lessons to learn from this video. it is very informative and understandable.

  15. If we had more people like Mr Edward Thompson, trading would have been so much fun..
    After losing a lot of money to some companies. I was lucky to meet Mr Edward.
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  16. If I'm not mistaken he inserted the filter line so he could look back and see what usually happens to the trend at that specific number on the chart, which helped him to make a more informed decision on whether to buy or sell at that point?

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  18. Great video bro, along with the iml tools. Etc the harmonic scanner & the web analyser and some of your videos. Last year I paid off my parents mortgage

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