1. I honestly cannot wait to get started! I currently don’t have a working laptop of my own,my wife does but I don’t see it playing well when it comes time to back test 😂. I started trading two weeks ago & getting signals sent to me, I’ve realised through your videos that I’m essentially GAMBLING, if I’m not BACKTESTING it myself & I just wanted to thank you for posting honest & real truths about trading. Bless you & the team. Look forward to getting involved 🙏

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  4. What an incredibly informative video Jason. You truly are not only a top tier trader but also a top tier YouTuber. Really convincing me to join your platform. Wishing you well from South Africa.

  5. Forex trading is getting bigger everyday and so many people are earning lots of profits from it

    while others are blinded by ignorance and a few bad experience.

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  7. how often do you backtest a particular market. and when you are backtesting can you do it over say a week or month or does it have be done at one time.. and do you ever have to re-backtest? thanks.

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  9. what is this chart software? what broker do u use?
    i use mt4 , i also used some web based platform of the broker. this seems like more like mt4 software. it makes the candles look so big and tall compared to mt4
    for the audjpy, its an ascending channel, why do you think it will stop and go down, i dont get it. What's that pattern or technique called?
    Thx, great video.

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  11. Takes a lot of skill and a trained eye to see patterns from a high timeframe and to execute to a lower TF. Great opposite correlation pairs and amazing entry for a reversal trade. Not sure if that massive candle got to do with some high impact news? Cheers

  12. Thanks for the vid Jason. I'm stoked that I was able to get the trial just now. I'll have funds to actually join the program in a few months or hopefully sooner. Best wishes, you're the MAN

  13. Tbh what I appreciated the most was you clarifying how long trades take this time of the year. My results have been quick and smooth until recent. The markets are testing my patience!

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  15. Jason graystone is one of the best traders that I know , I have your videos sir n even I trade your style , just that I need to do some touch ups there n there

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