1. Look at all the liberal socialist millennials. That is a huge limiting mindset in itself. They hate capitalism and hate rich people but want the best in life as well… for free no less!

  2. Most people want things now and live day to day. They then see someone doing something different and want to do the same yet they don't want to put in the time and effort so they resort to living day to day again. One needs to write their goals down and have something to aim for. It will comes to them that put in the effort!

  3. People forget that when you start small you build that trust in yourself and you can start to make more and more as it compounds and you can take more risks according to account size thus trading becomes almost exponential to a certain point.

  4. Good video! I would recommend to traders , the book “Fortunes Formula” , it explains how to never blow up your account from a Mathematical point of view . Cheers!

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