1. Once again great content! You guys give so much amazing content. I've gone through all the rookie mistakes and psychological mistakes in the past. I've now overcome these, but still has a tiny effect. My trouble is when I set an entry and it's going my way, then suddenly a massive candle would just take out my SL without any news on the economic calendar, and not knowing if it was a fundamental news that caused it? It could be a number of reasons fundamentally, it would be cool to know the specific cause for those huge moves. Thanks again

  2. Good Question, trying to become successful at Forex with mental illness problems such as anxiety, focus, ADD, concentration is my biggest hurdle. I love Forex and it's all i want to do and i am working hard on myself first as i now know enough to be successful at Forex but find it hard to execute and create the process. That all changes in 2020, leave it with me 🙂

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