1. hai mr.nick….how a u ….i follow every moment of trading,and observe price movements in forex… the problem is,how many TF price movements in forex does not cause false signals and what indicatorsare suitable for capturing good price movements…thank u for the explanation and greetings subscribe to you…..

  2. Hi Nick i really enjoy your channel, keep up the good work your very honest cut out the BS 😂 Just commenting to maybe help you out if you enjoy trading the daily TF. To look at the channel No nonsense forex if you get the time 👍🏼 hope this helps u in some way or form

  3. Hi Nick, great work you are doing here. I'm not sure if you know about an indicator called Channel Surfer. However I think you would find it very useful. My best settings are 377 (all bars) and 55 (Frac), both Fibonacci numbers of course. If you send me your email address, I will pop a copy to you with brief instructions on how to use it 😊.

  4. The only thing is that worse, is that no room for losing trades coz' it would be a disaster and all of your previous good trades will be wiped out when it goes wrong.
    But this (margin level %) is matter, and "yes!" this is my fav. chart.👍

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