1. Hi langer's
    Great video watched it this morning, but forgot to reply, as I watched it on the telly instead of the laptop.
    Didn't realise that I could get utube on the television lol
    One of my favourite videos is the one which shows how you analyse the markets
    Great work

  2. Great stuff, I would meanwhile say now "like always". All your videos are worth to be watched . Thanks for all your experience that you share with us

  3. Amazing analysis! I must have learnt about 10 things from it. I do have a question,while waiting for the price to reach the level before going short-
    Will you,capitalize and go long to that level,in the meantime?

  4. Very good analysis. The 1.6800 area acted as big support as was my opinion from last night. Seems to already started the upwards movement to 1.69500

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