1. Forex loss calculation in shares

    Bought 1 share Tesla for $816 at rate 1.2171 = £670.44

    Sold 1 share Tesla for $834.23 at rate 1.2343 = £675.88

    Profit of £5.44

    Profit if $ rate stayed same = (834.23-816) / 1.2171 = £14.98

    Forex loss = £9.54 (14.98 – 5.44)

  2. I'm not understand actually what's says PIP? calculated mobile device ? What's show zigzag things ? Red and Blue, green, things nothing else understand. I think I'm so damage brain.

  3. Hi I noticed something: When initially calculating the PIP value for EURUSD to the fifth (5th) decimal point the value should’ve been 42.8 PIPS and not 42.2 PIPS as earlier illustrated. But thanks for your detailed explanation made so simple. Subscribed already!

  4. How do I know which slot im using though? If I put down the value of £200 on a currency pair is that a nano slot? Do i change the formula to reflect that?

  5. Great video karen, lets say my account is in US$ and I bought 1St lot on AUD/NZD ,the answer I get from the formula do I multiplay it again by the Price to get the value in $?

  6. profit will get depend on levarage also???? if we use 1:5 leavarage so calculation will be same or different?? what is the role of leavarage like 1:5 or 1:2 …?????????????????????

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