1. Hi Andrew this was really useful to me, ii have completed a few courses from the basics up to advance but wanted to move more in to depth with technical analysis i my execution time frame usually is the 15minute and sometimes 1H what time frame would i need to start at to work down roughly ? would be grateful if you could get back to me thank so much in advance

  2. Dear Andrew, i will practice your method , thankyou . just want to know , is there way u can make a support resistance software like your pinbar EA software for meta trader ? just wondering …..

  3. Hi, first thank you for all of this video, they are really helpful and well made. I have a question for this specificities video, why you choose some pick and no other, for example at the 7:41 video, why you didn't sign the point around 1.13 ?
    thank you

  4. Brilliant but is it possible that all the big professional money traders who can easily move the markets such as banks etc will know that these S/R lines are being used by novice retail traders and force prices through them significantly and thereby stopping you out frequently?

  5. Why is Andrew talking like he is reporting the news at a murder scene sight? He is like, "Support and resistance lines( pause, pause, pause, pause), are (pause, pause), the most common( pause), form of technical analysis out there

  6. That’s right – you did a great job on the creation of accurate support and resistance. But the key to a fully functioning strategy is its practical application. Can you show the best physical – on the screen – approach trading using actual support and resistance levels? Great job though – thanks

  7. Hello sir, your video solve my problem as regards drawing of support and resistance lines. My instinct always tells me that I am doing the right any time I go to line chart and draw my levels out . it works like charms for me and removes stress drawing the levels. Thanks so much. God bless.

  8. When does a support & resistance line become obsolete? I guess I’m asking as if you keep adding them to a given chart, soon there will be no space left to trade in. Thanks.

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