1. Wow thanks a lot for the detailed explanation, This will definitely help me know when to get into the market as well as when to close out my trades> I've been using DoncianChannels and Moving averages but accompanying it with this will help me stay on top of when reversals might happen

  2. what are doing man. you draw line in low price and compare upper line of indicator, this is totaly wrong. should upper price with upper indicator or low price with low indicator.. awkoawokawkowk

  3. OK……I stopped the video half way through to make my previous comment, and to be fair to the lad, he sort fof corrected himself at about the 6:50 mark. He didn't come right out and say that he screwed up his explanatin though, so it just became more confusing to people who don't understand divergence.

  4. Hi nick, I have made a custom mt4 indicator and an EA based on RSi divergent… would you like to review it? I'll send to your email if you're interested

  5. Wow Nick i have to comment again this training was extremely helpful. I just did some back testing. With the RSI and with knowing divergence i have pointed out some nice moves also i messed with the properties try it on 5 rather than 7

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