1. Our stop loss is left vulnerable should the market retest the level,which happens often. The most dangerous thing in trading is when you don't stick with your rules, don't never say , this time is different you have to make your plan and trade it, don't try to break the rule, this is the most dangerous thing in trading, because this could cost you lot of money. I apply the lukasz wilhelm's trading tips.

  2. Hi. Love the videos – how many trades a month approximately you make usig this analysis? Curious since i am overtrading and giving up money back to matket, and now on my way to be more swing trader…

  3. Been a lifetime member of TRADE WITH LUKASZ WILHELM since November of 2018. I was not convinced that I can succeed as a day trader until I joined HIS COMMUNITY AND GOT THE IQD STRATEGY. Lukasz Wilhelm is the best!!! The learning support system you put together is priceless!

  4. These videos and this way of swing trading has changed my life. First of all I'm not up at the London open to try to catch 30 pips and best of yet I only place 2-5 trades a month and believe me although I have losing trades, trading from the higher time frames always and I mean always are 90% accurate if you catch them at the right level. With the higher time frames you don't necessarily need to wait for pin bars or candlestick confirmation you can just trade at the levels. The weekly and monthly time frames are super powerful. For instance I bought NZDCAD at the moment when it hit it's recent support level once I saw bullish price action. Now there was no candle stick confirmation, well there was an engulfing candle on the 4 hour chart but regardless once I saw bullish action I went in, it's already up 200 pips. Just think about it this way, trading off the monthly and weekly and looking at those important levels can bring in an easy 500-1000 pips in one month for one pair! Why stress yourself with day trading to make 50 pips today to only lose 100 pips tomorrow when you can trade like the big banks do. It only sucks because human nature feels like we need to work more to achieve more but trading is not like that which is why 90% of traders lose. I can't tell you, I mean even if I can show you my Trading View trades how much swing trading from the higher time frames work. All I can say is don't watch these videos from Dale once, keep watching them and when you trade pretend like he's right there with you and ask yourself "is this a trade a professional hedge fund trader will trade who is in control of millions of dollars?" because I can tell you those big boys aren't trading for 30-50 pips, they are taking a few trades a year and making thousands of pips off of one pair and also hedging so when price retraces they add to their positions. Sorry for the long story but Dale if you can, if you do hedge, touch up on that subject, if not I provide analysis on my TradingView page on hedging and you can see what hedging and swing trading can really do.

  5. Thanks for the video sir keep em coming we are inspired by your videos …I've been trading demo and i can see i'm on the right way cause i was aware of that setup

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