1. So…IF you watched the video ? AND I got you to think? And you DID something about it: GBPNZD fell 600 GBPJPY fell 290 GBPAUD fell 500 and GBPCAD fell 500 All I can say is thanks for watching and thinking hard about it. You made one heck of a lot of money off of those free trade ideas. Good Job. I get a dozen comments a month on twitter about how My free educational videos on youtube have helped folks tremendously. If you think these trade ideas were good? Me and my roomies in my trade room have made 12,034 pips of VALUE in USD format. aka 60.18 % in one month and one extra day. https://clip2net.com/s/3Zy9U3E All while trading VERY small! Per bullet fired. .01 Per each $1,000 of account balance. The account You see has $10K in it. My bullets fired off are HALF size at .05's I HATE to go over 5-6 bullets on one pair and only do so occasionally. 10 bullets is the max. want my entire trade plan free? http://michaelstorm.org/trading/ Read all the trading articles… watch all the videos. I give a lot away for free. But if you want to learn how to make 12K pips a month YEAH… it is going to cost you. I cannot put 40-50 hours into you for free. Surely most folks can understand that. Want more trading tips? Follow me on twitter @forexassassins

  2. Amazing Michael Storm, i can't wait to watch this. I struggle with fear, i know how to read a chart, but always hesitate opening orders. I have severe anxiety issues and it doesn't help at all with this cause. I cannot wait to join your group though, maybe it will give me strength to beat the fear that i have. Thanks for this video, love hearing you talk, you really know your stuff.

  3. Hey, love your strategy and specially your mindset behind it. Trade this way since a few days and the feeling while trading and the results are so good. Bullets and small lot sizes are perfect. I bist found one situation in the past, EurUsd from April 18th on, buying dips and dips again didn't function there, just kept going lower. Any advice for this situations?

  4. Great video Michael. Been following you for years on Twitter and I love your transparency and generosity. Excellent video as trading psychology in my view is the biggest problem for forex traders (including me) :). This market has been difficult because at areas of support or resistance your mind makes you believe that this time is different and you don't want to go long because you think it will continue lower breaking support or you don't short because you think it will finally break resistance. Your video has really reaffirmed for me that his market is just ranging and has been for months. Thanks again and the best of luck to you and your forex room.

  5. Hi guys. This video is intended to HELP. I ask you a lot of questions here. I am trying REALLY HARD to get folks to think and to answer questions TO YOURSELF and be honest with the answers. I would appreciate it if you would be real. Please watch the WHOLE video and be an honest and real person and answer the questions and engage the brain and THINK! BS troll like answers made on hasty judgments and you are not even watching the videos… that is just LAME! I am trying hard to teach you for free with not one string attached. If you don't trade right? Go read a book on trader psychology. Wait two weeks after you are done and then do it again. slower. thoughtfully and meditatively do it a second time. Thanks.

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