1. How tf can you make profits your chart is such a mess plus al what you speaking about is pure bh you dont even know how to measure with ur fib so pls go dive in some books or something

  2. Your videos are by far the best on YouTube. I felt lost in my first month of trading after a bad run of losses and this has truly inspired me as well as your other videos. Do you have any info on your strategies you could email me and any mentorship places. Many thanks

  3. Mann this is awesome… this past week i have been practicing your system. Wow… when one understands what to look for…. Everything seems automatic. this week. i recorded 100% wins… given i took less trades. but that was the key… i took perfect trades with i was more efficient… Thank you for the knowledge Mann

  4. I luv uβ€˜re vids πŸ˜€ Could you make also a video where you discripe how to Identity M & W formations? U already see those formations where I just look that way o.O….that would be great and Iβ€˜m looking forward to take uβ€˜re course on feb.

  5. Fx220 you are a true blessing! I have been looking for a simple strategy that works consistently for me for almost 5 years and nearly wanted to give up. Your videos came across my feed about a month ago. I took a peek then blew them off w/o watching completely. Big mistake!! Finally last week I decided to watch my first full video which led to binge watching almost all of them. Long story short, started implementing this strat on 2 demo accounts this week. 6-0 on each with almost no drawdown. 120 pips on one where I go for strictly 20 per trade and 188 on the other where I try to go for a bit more. This year is about to be a life changing year for me thanks to you. Many thanks my friend!!

  6. good one there as usual, you helping millions out here , we appreciate a lot . be blessed bro. can you please do a video on how to draw the major key levels correctly

  7. Many of your levels on all your charts always end with 00. So neat! Thank you for another great video I hope everyone is sharing with their trading friends / groups!

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