1. If we had more people like Mr Mark Thompson, trading would have been so much fun…
    After loosing a lot of money to some companies I was lucky to meet Mr Mark
    He has made me a lot of profits in the past five months

  2. Thank you Wayne this was one inspirational video, i am using my half a brain now and is really seeing FX in a different print and way much better than before, thank you again

  3. Always enjoy the genius of Wayne's analysis of the FX market. BTW, anyone trade MT4 on Tradersway? Comments on it? good, bad, issues withdrawing profits to the USA?

  4. Not to minimize in any way the excellent content I have watch from you prior, but this one had the most take aways that impact my trading. I sincerely thank you Wayne for sharing your time, your thoughts, your experience, and expertise with us. P.S. reading your book and loving it cant put it down.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to teach. Interesting Dichotomy of knowing that being right or wrong doesn't matter but being absolutely sure you're right when you place the trade. These are thoughts to ponder.

  6. So tired of brand new viewers coming into our community and proceeding to tell Wayne what they don't like about his charts, methods, phraseology, etc. As if they know anything. You can even tell who's opinion they are parroting sometimes. There should be a troll filter on chat, preventing those with less than 20 visits from commenting, or non-subbed accounts. I get it, healthy discussion for learning's sake , ok. However, it should not be so easy to come in and spam, offend, or be disrespectful to Wayne or our regular community. IRL someone like that would have social repercussions from the group. On the internet, idiot's get a platform to ridicule and expose everyone to their ascorbic nonsense….so wrong.

  7. Hey Wayne, today's class was special, I know we have heard you taking of the ability of what it takes to make this forex gig a success, but the last 15 min of today was just pure motivation for me, your passion and the time you take everyday to be with us on this journey to success has truly been a blessing in my life, I love the fact that I learn something new through your teachings everyday, and alway make class fun and exciting, I truly believe we will hunt gorillas together one day… haha.


  8. thank you wayne..at here 10 month..this help me alot..every day i get inprove my skill at this awesome Live Forex Trading Stream..thank you..thank you..thank you..is inportant so i have to say 3 time..

  9. Love the motivational parts of the webinar; just as important as the technical analysis. Now for my "unsolicited" testimonial: Want to reduce or eliminate trading anxiety?? Take the Swing Trading Course. One learns where to get in (long or short, depends on your bias) and where your target is. And…… find out days or even weeks in advance……..that's it. Also, excellent explanation of "fractals" and how to apply fractals to one's trading.

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