1. Thank you coach
    I like the start up with the indices, Can't looking forward for fundamental analysis training,, you're the best.

  2. Hello Mr. McDonell, today I learned that energy complex traders are likely looking at monthly pivots currently. Thanks.

  3. The problem with yearly pivots is that you deny yourself the benefit of your own alpha. Your trading relies on selling or buying pivots, ignoring the knowledge you might have picked up about the economy, markets and CB policy. But if you are too lazy (or busy) to develop an alpha, selling and buying levels may not be the worst strategy.

  4. Really a fabulous webinar today. Thank you so much for the homework, i am starting it right now. And as you keep as focused on what we gotta do, I remind you that you are a true hero. Take care and be healthy legend!

  5. Wayne since people can work from home, how is that going to affect building prices(ownership,rent, REITS?
    If companies start letting more people work from home.

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