1. Great session Wayne, when you get a chance could you comment on the elements of Risk On vs Risk off? Thanks for all you give back to the FX community.

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  3. Entering a swing trade is a little like starting your car on a snowy winter morning. Sometimes it will start just like that. More often than not it will take a few tries before it gets going.

  4. Ahh Wayne I those crazy long days huh…You still did a good job today, but some people are & will still be underappreciated for what they do…Like PE said shut'em down.

  5. I bought GBPJPY at the WPP and Daily M2 and this support zone has been a problem for bears to break, so I don't understand why you are mentioning "GBP" news as a reason for the pair to go up? Sure, news can account for the speed it moved, but the pair is not bearish.

  6. wow. your confidence level changed…I'm chips in risk off based on your analysis Wayne…what happens to you, your wife and your children if I have been mislead by your so
    -called ALPHA Wayne?

  7. surely a bloomberg article wasn't the sole cause ov all ov this?! Or did you get it wrong Wayne? ie short risk-off pairs

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