1. Something very dubious about the market rally these days. The world economy shut down for three months and the stock market acts like it's business as usual.

  2. Fundementals can't be inplay here. We are approaching the market high. OK the market is looking ahead but wasn't it also looking ahead before the pandemic. The pandemic will have no negative effect, I can't believe that.

  3. At this point the only thing that will cause a market reversal to the downside will be the resurgence of a second wave of the virus due to reopening the economy too soon and the massive amount of people refusing to wear mask and not practicing social distancing over this past Memorial Day weekend. The rise of reinfections will be huge in the next couple of weeks which will cause another shutdown of the economy despite what Trump has said. SMH

  4. I’ve come to the conclusion that as the jack bogles and burton malkiel say just add money every month long only in index fund .
    I’ve been short for months now and it’s sore .

  5. Mr. Kendall's comments on fondamentals is the best part of his videos. Thank you for confirming your beliefs about the present situation of the economy and FED's debatable policy/interventions. Regards from Helsinki, Finland.

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