1. Looking at the index level now, I presume the break down thru 2928 downward sloping trendline (Tuesday last 30mins trading) is also a fake, we are at the highs of Monday trading session again!

  2. Giant cup and handle forming ? Maybe a bullish flag ? Trading short is tough in a recession. Great analysis as usual though. If this market was typical, spot on.

  3. Hi Jordan, I really appreciate your work ethic which is leading to improve mine!
    The trade didn't work out but it doesn't matter because it didn't trigger the entry so we didn't lose money. Which is something to be enjoyed as well as part of the trading process.
    See you on the next live review of the markets!!

  4. Short time frame past few days, but you can see a triple top and or head and shoulders, with a neckline fail today. Overnight is up because WH advisor hinted at a 4th stimulus package. They won't let it drop for long, so be ready.

  5. All this vaccine news is pushed to come out, don't you think it's funny everytime market is about to correct itself and head down it's stopped by "vaccine" progress news?

  6. First of all Jordan thank you so much for the daily analysis. Of all the people I have followed over the years, you truly do seem to have a strong grasp on how to trade these crazy markets. I have also learned many things by simply watching these videos.

    My huge problem with trend lines is the way you draw it can be subjective. For example, when I draw this line on ES (S&P500 futures, which I guess is different than what your using), I show this line acting as support for price right now. I wish I knew how to draw trend lines like the one shown in this video more accurately without having to second guess where I drew the line all the time. I have foolishly had bearish duration positions on for weeks now and I watch your videos in part to find areas to hedge my shorts in case this blasts off to the sky…

    I think the real reason we dumped on SPX at 2972 is because we filled the NASDAQ NQ futures gap by going to exactly 9415 in yesterday's overnight session, then we came down a bit and retested exactly to the gap fill at 9415 again in today's cash session. We dumped very shortly after NQ hit 9415 during cash. I have seen many cases where everything else is down but the NASDAQ has been the contrarian indicator being up and bullish those days, only to lead all other sectors higher if you fast forward. It seems like the NASDAQ is really what is driving this market, and also by extension what causes inflection points when it turns at key levels. Curious what your thoughts are on this theory!

  7. Looks like there is a lot of energy building up into 2900. There will be a big big move to the upside or to the downside. Which will it be? That’s the question

  8. How did you get your trading view graph to look like this? I am having trouble – I have the PRO subscription – but I noticed you have Trading panel highlighted – you also have the name S&P 500 INDEX 30 OANDA. I have S&P 500 INDEX TVC. I googled it but it didn't make much sense to me. It's apparently a broker. I was trying to mimic your chart and having a tough time. Is there a video you did to set up your chart?

  9. Triple top… all I see is an upcoming quadruple top. I can’t imagine this market
    Dumping without new bad news. Too many hopeful dip buyers that jump on the slightest “less negative” news

  10. Thank you so much dude … the short side seems risky since it's against the welling of Gov and CBs , if it goes down i'm pretty sure it'll find an other accumulation level as i said look like 206-2017 oil market ..ranging and waiting for some hope so the ideal is to break the high looking for 3029 – 3049 .(no real or comfortable ) short till the break and confirmation of (2710-2720).or i'm just staying away (what time learned to me is : zero profit in trading is a good profit ) …thank you for your analyses and keep going i like the way you are looking at it when i join this to my point of view and my method it makes more sens to me ….btw: some conjunctures with fibs and RSI or MFI might be an added value for better confirmation … 😉

  11. Hi. I tried a short off the resistance at 2928. Got stopped around 2934 a few moments ago. Any thoughts? Did I get in too soon?

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