1. It's still very risky because you can lose a lot also and aren't the spreads typically much higher in major news? I've seen the same situation however within a few seconds it reverses then goes in the opposite direction, which forms a large bullish candle so a stop loss was very important for this and don't expect it to always go in 1 direction because it can pull back quickly in the opposite direction.

  2. Sir, it's great but i want to know about that how to trade in mt4 demo account? It's just a video about order placing not proper trading like draw tends line support and resistance kindly make video about this.

  3. Hi, Adam. Thank you for your effort to upload the videos on Youtube. Just question, when the news release is with one currency, for example, CAD in this example, now the question is how to choose another pair for the news scalping.?

  4. Hello Adam,
    I tested for real this technique and it does not work very well in the long run. On the other hand, I coded an EA with lots of parameters and conditions to make it efficient and in that way, it works very well.

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