1. A couple of questions,
    Something I don't understand.. On a previous video, as a point of entry, you looked and the highest (or lowest) of the previous five candles (counting from the signal candle) . What's the difference in applying the two different entry strategies?
    Also, can this strategy be applied to all timeframes? Whether I am scalping, day trading or swing?

  2. Out of many available EMA's, if you have specifically chosen 8, 13 & 21 EMA – then there must be a logic behind it. Could you please share it with us ?

  3. Good morning, I have one question. Why should I close transactions after one impulse. I can't hold one deal until the trend is over and secure the profit by moving stoploss?

  4. Well, I subscribed and followed your link for free indicator. Nothing going on your site. Hmmmmmm. I'll wait a couple of days to see if I get a response and if nothing I'll watch your videos but I probably won't join..

  5. Can someone explain me this: how are you sure that the pin bar or engulfing candle are definetly one of those two patterns before it closes? If you expect to enter the trade on the end of that candle, you should expect to close first, and most probably the price will be gone by the time its closed

  6. hi sir i hope you would find this msg in good. i started trading from forex but rigth now i am working in volatility index i have some confusion regarding trend in this trading if you guide us in this it will be vey helpful for us thanks

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