1. Watching this and getting my commitment in check. TY 4 the continued encouragement Wayne. Appreciate the realness th@ u spit along with the clarity provided for our technical analysis. All the best 2 u n ur's & TY again 4 everything!

  2. What I love about Wayne really is his transparency. Another quality video again. This week hasn't been bad at all. I've personally made $38k from my $5k investment.

  3. Be humble and equal. PLEASE! Your ego and demonstrated arrogance turns me off your webinars and smothers otherwise good teachings. Is that what you want? I hear dogma time and time again in your tone and words and instantly feel angry and am compelled to give you a thumbs-down and shut you and the webinar down and off. That means, I can't learn fro you. Maybe you can learn from my honest and frank feedback. If you are hurt or upset or angered by my comments, remember it's only your Ego that is hurt…who cares about EGO?

  4. Wayne, don't make global statements(reflecting your ignorant global belief system) that I quote from you in this webinar: "people are stupid". Keep your arrogant thoughts to yourself and focus on the art of trading. Lose the god-complex please. It hurts the ears, honestly mate, you're NOT better-than! Ego is ugly so do us a favour and shut yours down and teach instead. Please mate.

  5. Standard Deviations are captured by bollinger bands…on the chart you can create 1 std dev boll. bands and 2 std dev boll. bands with the 20SMA as the dynamic central point. Prices do move below/above 1 std dev boll. bands(either side of the 20sma) and hit 2 std dev boll. bands often (daily or whatever), not just the 1SD(contrary to what Wayne said in that prices often don't move beyond 1 SD). Wayne didn't capture this essence and how to use SD thru… BOLLINGER BANDS

  6. I actually realised that we are not just a simple youtube community, we are like a family. Everyone has the same goal and we all are helping each other however we can. But all of this won't be possible without you sir. And i honestly thank you for that.

  7. Good morning Mr. McDonell. Today I was challenged by your homework assignment. I need To dive much deeper to be able to provide a well reasoned 4 page defense of all my trades.

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