1. I made a live account with $100 dollars only because when i was using a demo account i had been using big lot side.
    if i can spend 200 in a casino why not use it in a live trading account where i can make it slowly or lose it.
    now i have brought down my $100 dollars to $50 dollars now using your tools i have brought it back up to $75 dollars.
    If i can spend 200 is a casino or going out drinking with friends, why not invest it in my Forex account.
    There for i stopped going to the casino i stopped going out with friends drinking only because i been trying to get this down pack and I want to have a future career on it and also be able to quit my job.
    I been watching your channel and is the only channel i have learn so much on.
    Thank you

  2. Honest truth i need a little help here. I have been trading for a few years now, and well never been profitable, in fact ive blown a few live accounts. i wanted to make money quick, he's completely right. But i need help. The internet is flooded with people who want to sell you products and stuff when it can be easily found. This guy does sound legit and wants the best for you but is it worth buying his pro trader report?

  3. I watched a video of yours last night, and you stressed how to make your trades with risk management in mind instead of making larger profits. I took a course from Online Trading Academy on Core Strategy and risk management was in the forefront of the order strategy. Once you think you know the candles, and what a trend looks like, you still have to know how to place that trade. Well the course I took ended at that point and I have been racking my brains trying to figure it out. I don't have the money to pay for another course at this point so I have been searching online for the information I needed. Thankfully as a student I found an hour session from the school I attended on how to actually place my trades by managing my risk first. I got the formula finally, I think. But I won't even consider opening a live account until I have consistent success. I like what you have to say here and I will use it with what I learn from the company that I paid to teach me. Risk management is the Key!

  4. I’m still on a demo just taking one step at a time I have a live account but don’t use it because I felt like I was not ready

    This video really helped a lot
    It just the extra motivation I need to keep learning before I trade for realsπŸ’―

  5. Hi guys, Are there any UK Spread betters that have joined Stevens course???

    Would like to know what you think of it as I'm thinking of signing up but not sure if his course is suitable for spread betting trading.

    Thanks in advance πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. Great video but you can’t earn without proper guidance. Margaret has helped and changed my life. If you need help with your trading account. Email her margaretpetersontrades @gmail. com

  7. Great content as always.

    Loving the channel and advice.

    subscribed and hit the notification bell.

    Hope others to the channel can check out my youtube channel show some support for my upcoming daily videos i will also be doing.


  8. this was my problem basiclly gambling im very good but i didt have a risk management now get it and trading is very simple thanks for this video really helps serious traders

  9. Thank you Steven. Please do a full tutorial on trading view. How to create the account, indicator, vps, attach EA, Save template, add custom indicator, etc. Thank you always

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