1. IML is a recruiting buisness… Idk why people get so worked up about having to recruit people… U litterally get residual income every month for the rest of you life for referring people… What’s wrong with that?? The people who are hating on it doesn’t know what it takes to create wealth… y’all can’t step out your comfort zone and recruit people to ur buisness…. smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. Some people don’t go IBO and just enroll people everyone isn’t going for compensation it’s literally just like every other thing you do in life that’s worth it. It’s not going to be easy and you have to actually apply yourself, it’s not a scam you earn as you learn and if you don’t learn you don’t earn simple‼️ ofc there’s people who just want that compensation bag but it depends on who you enter with. I’ve met some really caring loving and genuine people through this opportunity and I’d never give it up❗️whether you enter on your own or with others the academy works it wouldn’t keep increasing the membership fee if it didn’t and that’s a fact 💯

  3. the thing I find most obvious in all of this well… 'teaching' thing is that they don't really give you any information on how to make it, they just throw a bunch of nonsense-dreaming your best life shit and tell you immediately to bring your friends along.
    in 8 min of video you didn't said shit except a glorious propaganda of how amazing it is.

  4. I’ve made enough to cover 3 months payments in one day. I’m so sorry all of y’all experience was bad and you didn’t listen to the trade plan and did whatever you wanted to do. Nobody else fault but your own. And it’s not a pyramid scheme because the person under you can pass you😂 but a lot of y’all will be broke foreve so I understand. Y’all in that poor mindset. Go learn it yourself and see how many accounts y’all blow. IM is definitely good a lot of jealousy tho

  5. What are you talking about. Trading is about progress, hard work and analyzing data. FX is the most volatile market where people can loss everything without the right knowledge.

  6. One question for you! And please I'd appreciate straightforward answer 🙂 Do you make more money day trading or recruiting?

  7. The majority of the people that join focus on recruiting and get rich off that which is not trading. On the other hand, there are some who only focus on recruiting until they hit platinum 600 so they can fund their trading accounts. They do offer courses and stuff you can learn which is useful at the beginning but after you learn everything you need their platform essentially becomes useless which is why they get you to focus on recruiting otherwise after a month or 2 everyone would leave since there's no point paying for something that has served its purpose. So, in conclusion, no it is not a scam because at the end of the day its giving you a way to make money 7 figures through recruiting but its main objective is not trading.

  8. That's right lots of people say forex is a scam people do use the name to scam others asking for money and that they can flip it for them that's fake I'm academy is the tool you need to be able to learn the skills it's a school basically to master it and they have go live they have the best live educators

  9. How is anyone looking thats for an unbiased opinion supposed to take anything you say seriously when you clearly have a vested interest in convincing people to join your "team"? The fact that you post a link to join your IM academy team makes all your points moot. It honestly sounds like youre selling a pipedream

  10. Anyone tried getting a straight Yes or No answer from any of these people that may have targeted you???? Anyone got them to explain how much money theyre actually making? Anyone asked them to explain if they are forex traders and know how to trade stocks why they spend so much of their time wasting time technically trying to convince ignorant naive simple dummies to join them? And if they are so successful in trading and they dont havr a job as they all like to pretend……then why do they spend so long trying to convince forex dummies to sign up, they wouldnt care if they was so successful……ask them if theyre so proficient in trading which pays more recruiting.people into the pyramid or trading. Youll never get an answer

  11. They dont teach anyone Forex……99% of the people under their spell, focus on giving you circular motivational speeches about its time to stop working, time to make money, time live your best life…….but none of these people no a god damn thing about stocks trading etc……but they know how to recreate other people with their bullshit

  12. Before joining this business model, take a look at their income disclosure statement. If you're like the other 50k out of 64k members, you can expect to make on average, $52 annually. This doesn't factor in monthly dues. Have fun selling memberships, and paying to do it.

  13. I'd just like to add my 2 cents here, since nobody else has mentioned this… Neither your upline nor your team in this business is responsible for teaching you how to trade, thats literally what the entire academy is for, hence the name "mastery ACADEMY". It is an educational platform, meaning you must give effort and learn from the courses if you want to become profitable. The copy/paste signals are just another helpful tool that allows you to earn while you learn. A lot of people calling the business a scam probably thought they'd get rich quick by copying signals, then saw a couple losses, (because losses are guaranteed in forex, no matter what) probably over-leveraged, then blew their account. Now they're salty because they didn't make $1000 their first week and now they resent the company and its participants. Not gonna lie though, im sure there are a lot of people out there telling potential customers how "easy" it is and how they won't have to give it any effort. Now THAT is a lie, and those people make this business look bad, because they are misleading their customers. Not even going to get into the MLM side right now, but i'm open to discussion with this.

  14. The only sad truth about forex in my own opinion you’ll lose alot of money and blow accounts. That’s if you don’t got proper risk management tho

  15. Everyone so quick to call it a scam…. i got people i went to highschool with hitting me up and showing me proof its real cuz theyre my homies. I know them in real life, if they wanna scam me as a friend of them then ill just beat they ass lmfao simple. I dont think they would risk their reputation to try and scam me… someone who could expose them in real life for the business they are runnning

  16. “I could get really technical with this but I’m not going to… you’re not supposed to understand this” (1) I honesty don’t believe this man can explain in detail what Forex trading is and how it works, and (2) “quick everyone sign up for something you don’t understand!” 😂😂😂 so stupid

  17. Actually, it’s optional to recruit people. And yes People are trading. I am not a part of it yet, but my cousin is. Yesterday alone, by 1:00pm his team leader made $128, and a person in that team $7,147 and a few cents, and another made $690. Now 7k a day is not typical, cuz these people are your average joe but it is not impossible. Sadly my cousin could not trade yesterday, he’d probably sit on a $1k by now 🤷🏾‍♀️!
    So you can either recruit and not pay the monthly fee, or recruit and not pay. That is why many are trying to recruit. And when you become a team leader, IML pays you for training and making sure your team members are getting the signals. So for many who have recruited, it is a full time job plus trading. A good friend of mine is not an expert trader, he is only been doing this for a year but he really seems to want to see his team member win. He was able to quit his job not only because his trading has been successful but also he get paid by the company to help others to be successful!
    Anyway everything in life is a risk.
    I understand the fear but many people denouncing it here do not seem to have any experience with it! NO, you do not need to pay to trade. But from what I am personally seeing in that group, they have virtual meeting, and have a WhatsApp where they sending signals that are more often than not successful. Yes they encounter losses but huge wins that most definitely outweighs the loss. To reiterate, it’s a risk some are willing to take.
    I would agree, however, that some are really pushing the recruiting a bit too hard, which actually push people away. But i think I am ready to take the risk and try it for myself and see what’s up.

  18. lol i joined last week it is a crazy pyramid scheme yeah i fuckin said it, but if im being honest they do live sessions with traders who will trade will and put their money on the line and teach you all the analytics of the market. They even allow you to use these software scanners that will help you predict the market

  19. I know a pyramid scheme when I see one! You goofies do good the first few months then a year from now you go quiet when you realize it was all a pipe dream! 😂😂😂

  20. All you're doing is attempting to recruit new people for your own interests by constantly saying " it's real, it's easy, my brothers at the top" you didnt give no real information, all you did was ramble & try to convince with flash, I'm good on this. Standard full time job & smart spending is enough for me🤷‍♂️

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