1. I was following a couple of the signal provider few years ago that I found out one of them only trade on the demo and the other one has $100 account which trade only micro lot

  2. There are few problems with signals services:
    -once you receive a message that its time to put an order is already too late, because most of the time they want you to point at 2 pipes from order, when you open the PC and begin to login etc…the marked already reached the Take Profit point.
    -Short messages or E-Mail services , can be sent even night time…its impossible to follow every signals.
    I am still looking for a service can give me signals in a medium term.
    In March i knew a chinese girl, in the beginning i thought it was a scam, but they gave me good advices.i stopped because she used to push me to put more effort and it was dangerous

  3. Hi nick, i know this is an unrelated comment to the video but i just wanted to share this with you since i not only believe it will help you, but possibly also people in your community (i am not trying to sell anything) I have nothing to gain from you using/buying this product (It's called forex simulator) It's a forex backtesting program so you can actually trade in real time with real historic data, so you can backtest the strategies properly and get actual results. It makes it almost fun to backtest because you can skip candles so you dont have to wait ages for them in real time. (They already have all the basic indicators that mt4 has, but i believe you can also add custom mt4 indicators and use them as well (forgive me if i'm wrong)., It's an amazing tool so you can quickly find out your expectancy & what pairs it works best on and what timeframe it works best on and what time it works best etc… Now it's the cheapest of it's kind and the author of the product is very very quick to fixing mistakes and very easy to contact! Worth a check imo

  4. Most of these groups boast about pips caught even if the stop hits but price reached thier TP few days later.. they will still count it as "pips bagged" its stupid.

    Then comes the bullshit report with all the "pips bagged" to lure more subscribers.

    They make more money from the followers

  5. Good advice Nick. If you're new to Forex DO NOT follow a signal service. Learn/read/practice/learn/read/practice. Focus on long-term trades to begin with, with an emphasis on money management. When you find something that works, narrow it in. DO NOT scalp, swap and commision will kill you. Act like you're trading stocks and shares. You're in it for the long game. Small losses in the short term aren't important.

  6. I don't like signals much due to the fact that certain traders risk way too much compare to your risk. Also, their trading strategy is different than yours…

  7. Most signals groups cant filter out good vs bad trades as well as strong vs weak movements and sometimes wind up trading 25-50 different positions in which most only will reach a take profit of maybe 20 pips and 50 if you're lucky. For me trading on my own allows me more control and I can be more selective of positions which allows me to trade less and earn more

  8. Thank you for breaking it down to the new nd even intermediate traders. Signals also cloud the mind from making your OWN decision. They are there to help not print money for yu. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿค™

  9. for educational purposes for first year make sense, but needs as well beside the signal the explanation how the signal was generated, based on what, strategy, not just blind signal. That can be help hand in the begining

  10. WELL TAUGHT ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Trader Nick โœจ

  11. Hey Nick, I love all what you are doing, could you make me a favour ,please make a video to help all new trader to avoid to be scan by these bad broker around the world because I am one person victim. like if there is one international institution that a trader could be refer to identify good an not good Broker. Institution like AMF, or Securities regulatory authorities

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