1. Steve man! You're the best I've found so far. I started learning forex earlier this month and yesterday I stumbled on one of your videos on swing high and swing low. I traded with it and made 100% profit in just a day.

    Though I wasn't patient enough when the trade went again me. So, I eventually losses.
    Thank you for the amazing content. I'll continue to follow your training

  2. Great good video, very informative. It's important we know these basics before entering a trade, I have been able to make consistent income on my tradings these past four months thanks to Expertjoefx on telegram. His been a huge help to me on my tradings and I have been successful as a result.

  3. Our stop loss is left vulnerable should the market retest the level,which happens often. The most dangerous thing in trading is when you don't stick with your rules, don't never say , this time is different you have to make your plan and trade it, don't try to break the rule, this is the most dangerous thing in trading, because this could cost you lot of money. apply the IQD momentum strategy to be on a safe side and profitable a method i learnt from Lukasz Wilhelm after my findings on google.

  4. Hello sir I m Kiran how buy and how to sell show how buy are sell sir and don't now sir so my request that show buying and selling sir I hope sir thank you

  5. Man, this guy taught me so much. Itโ€™s not fair that all this knowledge he is giving away for free ๐Ÿ˜ฉ! Good stuff brother and thank you ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

  6. Thanks man, what a great content! you have referred to limit pending order in the video, would u do a video about buy&sell limit in the market as i still struggle with them. Thanks you again

  7. Hi Steve, why is it so important to always wait for a pull back in a previous support before you involve in a trade..can you explain a lil bit of that more for me pls..thanks

  8. Was great Steve, none of your tutorials are boring, Ive pretty much watched every single one of them lol thanks to you! I've asked myself if I will ever get as good as you! You're like a magician I have to say lol. I am a big fun

  9. So u work strictly on Forex? I keep reading most people loser a bunch of money trading Forex. Is that Cruz they just don't know what they are doing? I know u cannot get every trade right, impossible. Do u think 1500 is enough to start trading Forex?

  10. Very interesting video imo! I've only been trading for about 6 months now so still have lots to learn. Mostly on a demoaccount tho for practicing. It's always good and interesting to see how other people do their analysis so others can learn from them and see what to look for etc ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks alot for making this video!

  11. Two years ago this was made, and the process you go through is so good, it could have been made today. The instructional value is great. But it shows how boring trading SHOULD be. Consistency is boring, making money because of it is not boring…

  12. Hey this was an awesome video. I am presently using the 0.786 strategy and it is working great for me. Though it is simple I seem to be missing something I haven't been able to put my finger on yet but as I keep watching more of your videos I know I will get it. Thank you in advance.

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