1. i remember last time you said 'this is not a signal channel' . People need to understand and consider this as forecast which only gives a general move so whatever happen in between before that big move happen everybody have to sit down and figure it out on their own. Good work and i love it.

  2. Hi We Trade Waves. I wanted to ask one question. As you mentioned about DXY (US Dollar Index) that it comprise of 6 currencies. Could you please help me to understand about JXY (Yen Index) and EXY (Euro Index) their composition. Thanks

  3. I think rather than providing general analysis for all the pairs, its better to provide some solid analysis for major pairs only. If you can do so it will help a lot, thanks.

  4. New here. Subscribed n liked already. Could you say more on EUR/USD? Why you r not trading this pair? The short and long term view. Many thanks.

  5. Great analysis as always…it would be really appreciable if u can kindly tell sometimes that HOW the wave can be determined….i hope u understand my brother…

  6. Thank you for your weekly analysis. I appreciate your insight and suggestions in the overall direction of a particular pairing. Your predictions coupled with a fine tune 'enter and exit' strategy has increased the percentage of my winning trades. Just last week, I earned 4% on my portfolio using your directional predictions. Thank you very much for your time and expertise.

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