1. Kudos Justin…..
    Always 1st class..
    By the way how you pull those double trendline on EURUSD on minute 2.53.
    I don't have it in my MT4

  2. Hi great video I just subscribed to your channel and I see you have a 2 paid group one is for 9.99 a month and then other looks like your main group can you explain to me the difference? And I seen if I open a blueberryfx account I get free access to which group

  3. Dear Bro . 1st of all thanks for your every week analysis . And may be long time frame trader means big Equity holder are really enjoying . What about retail trader or small account holder ? Can you help for huge number of retail traders ??? . Infact they want to also get good benifit from your analysis . Plz advise them . 🙂

  4. Hi Justin,
    DXY is going down and thus expectation for EURUSD is to go up. With all the struggles that USD faces how come you expect EURUSD to go down? If you talk about long term expectations, please also talk about short term expectations, so people can benefit from your analysis in the short term. Long term expectations in the stock market can be changed at any time, so please focus more on short term expectations,. What will happen next week? how we can translate your analysis to gain profit on next week? Honestly, I consider to quite my premium membership at your channel if you don't talk more about short term expectations

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