1. Hi Justin,
    I have noticed sometimes a candle close ABOVE a level on your charts is different from TradingView's chart, (same pair, same tf, both 5 p.m. NY), which instead has closed BELOW the level.
    In that case, which candle is correct?

  2. Great TA, if this market crash is worse than 2008 (likely), usd will continue its strength against other majors for a while at least. USD strength in 2008 crash went on for a few months. I'm expecting similar declines for the other majors/usd

  3. I had become your life member in 2016. but do not receive any emails from you. I have emailed you twice to resolve but no answer. Hence I am here on your channel. Regards

  4. i am buying the euro. it took several years to come to here, so it is obvious the big move can be only up. and that huge spike last month can't be for no reason

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