1. I would like to ask you if you know any good Bitcoin ETF, ETN (exchange traded notes) or ETP (exchange traded product). I would rather buy such products on my stock / ETP trading platform than directly buying Bitcoin via digital wallet.

  2. Yes, but what will Tesla do this week?? Factory in China closed, Elon saying he will pull out of Cali, not surprised. Will take awhile to ramp up another factory in Texas or Nevada.

  3. Hi Jordan, I think in this video you've built your analysis on pairs that trade against USD on that DXY is expected to go up which would give more strength to USD however if this is true, we still can't ignore that DXY might go down further before going back up again and this down movement might give some strength to other currencies that trade against USD at least during next week. The reason why I think that DXY will drop down next week because we've seen some weakness on DXY on the last couple of days last week. So could you please explain when do you expect DXY will move up next week?

  4. Thanks Jordan. Merkel with her forced immigration and the EU with draconian courts have ruined the intention of the union. Britain did the smart thing in getting out. Germany starting to get it also with the Euro bonds.

  5. on the EUR/NZDollar chart, it's even clearer than on the EUR/AUD, that the Euro went down to touch the support level, of 1.7661 in this case, and even closed right below it at 1.7580

  6. Could you believe in the break down of the eurozone and still be bullish euro? Ie Euro will take the role of the deutchmark and there will be a new weaker currency for poorer eu states??

  7. This man even makes our weekends so much more relaxed and informed which is so awesome as if he doesn't make the week day's awesome enough already… YOU ARE AMAZING AT BEING AWESOME AND AWESOME AT BEING AMAZING JORDAN… MUCH APPRECIATED #BIGFAN 🕺

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